Longrain, Sydney

The soul of South East Asian cooking is the perfect harmony between four essential elements: Hot, sour, salty and sweet

As it states on the website, Longrain, Sydney was the perfect fusion of flavours. Utterly delectable, moorish and bursting with bold flavours and textures beautifully presented, the food at Longrain was a foodie’s heaven. Vibrancy and the atmosphere of sharing and eating together are at the heart of this restaurant. Personal favourites include the red dragon cocktail with chili vodka, betel leaves with smoked river trout, filled pork eggnet, penang duck curry, caramelised pork hock, mango custard with black sesame ice cream and tapioca, coconut ice cream and sweet potato foam- Delicious! Highly recommended for parties, special occasions or just a dinner out with family and friends!


Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.20.27 pmScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.20.41 pmScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.20.52 pmScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.21.10 pm

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.21.21 pmScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.21.02 pm

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.21.29 pmScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.21.37 pm

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.21.46 pm


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