Organic Coconut Oil

I’ve recently discovered a new beauty and health supplement! Trust me, this is not an ad asking for your money for a ‘miracle treatment’. Simply sharing my own success using coconut oil! A relative suggested it and it works wonders.

Use this natural organic ingredient in cooking in place of other oils, fats and butters or for baking and frying. Having done this myself but keen to try putting it in salad dressings and smoothies! Coconut oil has been shown to maintain a healthy metabolism and support immune and heart health. So get on it!

I also use coconut oil as a hair conditioner and my hair has never been smoother and tangle free. It just feels so much healthier and resilient. Great for a treatment if you style your hair a lot ladies! Can also use as a body moisturiser. Who doesn’t want the subtle scent of coconut all day? (seriously, is there nothing this product can’t do?) Simply liquefy the oil in a bath of warm water and you only need to use a few teaspoons so your supply should last a long time πŸ™‚

I use Bioglan but any coconut oil from your local chemist or Priceline should work a treat!


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