Age of Ultron: Resistance is Futile

With movie competition high this year, it seems there’s no escaping the Avengers phenomenon. But how do you ask could the bosses at Marvel compete with the last instalment? Just bigger, better and more Avenger goodness. In my opinion, the success of Age of Ultron lies in what made the first movie a success. Only this time on a larger scale. Add in a few more superheroes to throw a spanner in the works, a new badass villain, longer kickass action sequences and the same characters we fell in love with and it’s a winning combination.

It would be easy for the writers, and us, to get too comfortable but they’ve managed to avoid that by adding fresh and unexpected elements (don’t worry, no spoilers) whilst maintaining the essence of the Avengers team; comedically timed humour, drama, internal conflict and character exploration. For me, it was interesting for us, the audience, to suddenly become aware of our greatest heroes’ weaknesses. I guess it would be easy for them to become 2 dimensional heroic out-of-this-world individuals, but by realising their own fears the franchise has once again been able to pull on our heart strings- who would’ve thought, the hulk has a heart and Cap has trouble finding where he belongs in life? Sound familiar? Yes, our personal gods and heroes struggle with the same things we do. Granted, they do look much cooler and sexier as they go through the motions of saving the world (as usual), but still good to know.

I think it all comes down to our own universal inner child. We may grow up and our sensibilities mature and change, but we all at one point had bigger outlandish dreams. We may have pretended to be invincible as we ran around the backyard with a cape. We may have been forced to come down from the roof because we were convinced we knew how to fly. So although Avengers: Age of Ultron is essentially a wonderful example of escapism and a spectacle of the senses in entertainment, it would all be for nothing if it wasn’t entrenched in nostalgia and our own personal desires; to be bigger, better and larger than life. And hey, if that still doesn’t sound appealing, just chuck in a couple of shots of Chris Evans in the tightest shirts you could find. Sorted.


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