Social Media is not Fake, YOU ARE

Ok, ok so there has been quite a lot of discussion the past few weeks on social media…about social media. LOL ok seriously though how ironic is that? Slamming social media by USING social media.

So some people have claimed that social media is in fact ‘fake’ and ‘not real life’. Although I do agree that you shouldn’t take everything you see online at face value, it’s not that simple. You shouldn’t take ANYTHING you see in life at face value. (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover duhh). It’s tempting to make things seem better than it really is and filters and photoshop make it all too easy these days to create an online facade. I’ll even admit it myself. Put your hands up if you’ve ever used a filter? *everyone in the entire world raises their hands dramatically* (just assuming here)

But just like how it is in REAL life, people on social media can be fake. And herein lies the crucial difference in what I just said.

Social media is not fake, YOU ARE

Yes, people lie. It’s quite a well known fact. But to blame an entire form of communication on your own lies is just cray cray. Social media is a form of technology where one can voice their opinions and ideas. It gives a voice to the otherwise voiceless allowing people to reach audiences in faraway lands and distant galaxies. ItΒ can and is thus used to promote positivity, hope, love and charity (not to mention funny animal clips…haha those things are just plain silly but I love them). The drawback of this is that negativity can also be perpetuated but we all have to take that with a grain of salt as well and don’t let other people form the basis of your own individual beliefs.

Social pressures have grown due to social media. We’re now told how we should, dress, what we should eat, how we should act and the best way to land a hot date. Basically the do’s and don’t’s of life as decided by someone behind a computer (like me muahaha) but I say nay to all that nonsense! (feel free to completely disregard this post if you like).

YOU chose what you decide to put out there and HOW and WHY you do it. If you decide to get paid for promoting something you don’t use or wearing a dress, that is YOUR decision. If you spend all day choosing the ‘perfect’ selfie and forget to actually live the amazing life in front of you, that is YOUR choice. And completely deflecting the blame onto something that you are in fact in control of is missing the point. Social media can exacerbate your own insecurities but only if you let it. By not acknowledging your own contribution to social media ‘fakeness’ you are ultimately relinquishing your power which is the complete opposite of what social media should be.

I believe that social media can be empowering and used to unite an otherwise disparate society. Showing love and support is so much easier than spreading hatred and cruelty. So at the end of the day, social media is just a form of technology, a tool, a medium of expression. No one really forces you to press send or upload. Take control of your life and accept responsibility for the decisions you made.

Social media is what you make of it


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