Filo Pastry Dessert

The other day when I realised that the filo pastry in the fridge would be expiring soon, I decided to whip up a quick dessert using ingredients already in my pantry! I love doing this because it’s a way to utilise food that you already have AND have some creative fun in the kitchen 🙂

I made some filo pastry shells and filled them with apple, honey, currants, some cinnamon and shredded coconut. Placed them in the oven until golden and crispy then drizzled with nutella (heated up a bit so that it’s easier to drizzle). Ideally I think this would go well with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream to cut through the sweetness but all we had was some banana LOL basically does the same job and is a lot healthier which is a definite plus if you want to lose a bit of that holiday weight  😛

Give it a try and I hope you have a blast in the kitchen!

Mary xx



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