It’s More Fun in the Philippines…

From 2-10 July, 2016 I visited my country, the Philippines, for the first time ever and it was such an eye opener. Really being immersed in the culture and the way of life there, especially in the rural provinces, was something I’ll never forget.

We landed in Manila around 9pm to the hustle and bustle of the city. I was immediately taken aback by the roads and traffic and lack of rules! People on motor cycles, bicycles and in cars. It was definitely more of an adrenalin rush back to our hotel than I would have ever thought.

Overlooking Manila 

We caught a bus down to Baguio City where we met my Tita Leda and her family. My cousins, whom I hadn’t seen for almost 10 years, had grown up so much! We spent a few days in Baguio City where we visited the Philippine Military Academy, or PMA for short, and took a horseback ride in the park overlooking the city.


We then all drove down to Santa Lucia, my dads hometown, in the Illocos where has a beautiful house. We spent the rest of our trip exploring this area…

Daddy’s house in Santa Lucia

From the rice fields of my Lolo….


The beautiful Santiago Cove…

The old town of Vigan…


Where we took a traditional kalesa ride…


And I made a pot


And we visited Baluarte Zoo


I was very scared lol #acting

I will never forget our dogs, Tiger and Edward…

Meet Edward ❤

Our beautiful housekeeper, Manang Vicky (she basically knew everything and was one of the kindest person I have ever met <3)


My family whom I hadn’t seen for almost ten years!

Daddy and I 

I think that it is fitting then that the thing that I will remember most and take away from this trip is a greater appreciation of my home in Australia and the beauty of the Filipino country and culture as well as the colourful personalities of the Filipino people, my people.


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