Let’s Talk Body Image…

Thought I’d share what I wrote for a friends blog a few days ago…

I think we all struggle with body image a little. I used to be very skinny growing up and when I hit puberty I put on weight, got curves and basically had to get a brand new wardrobe.

I think growing up as an overachiever and a huge perfectionist, I let these attitudes on how I should be and how I should look flow into my personal life and for a while it affected me greatly, even though I was careful to not let it show. The thing about trying to be perfect is it’s a silent battle with yourself and it gets you nowhere.

Being a dancer we’re always in front of a mirror and you become very self-aware. Our whole creations are essentially aesthetic in nature. Dancers can be very hard on themselves but living a healthy balanced lifestyle is the key to performing at your best and that involves sustaining your body with enough nutrients.

Recently, deciding to try modeling and delving into the music industry has brought body image back to the forefront of my life. I have to consider how I look and how I choose to present myself to the world and we get caught up in the ‘ideal’ or what you need to be in order to ‘make it’. But I’ve also come to realise the immense power and responsibility that comes with that burden. I’ve always wanted to perpetuate what my body really is and not be false as a creative artist. I know I’m not tall and skinny and I knew that going into it so I always tell photographers that I’m not a ‘typical’ model. But who wants typical anyway? It is our individual uniqueness that is beautiful and should be celebrated.

It is our individual uniqueness that is beautiful and should be celebrated.

These days I wouldn’t deny myself that extra slice of cake or my family’s delicious Filo style feasts. But I try my best on a daily basis to eat well and exercise often because that’ how I can make the most of this precious life I’ve been given.I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ve come to terms with being a woman with a woman’s body. Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t harm your body with those commercial weight loss products! Don’t pay to be TrendTea!

Happy love your body week! I also think it’s quite fitting that this coincides with R U OK day. If anyone needs to, feel free to call me, message me, rock up to my house.

Thanks Fiona for asking me to write about my own experiences! This has been a truly liberating process.

#TrendTeaLife #DontpaytobeTrendtea  #loveyourbody #ruok

you can find the original post here: https://trendtealife.wordpress.com/2016/09/08/168/

Lots of love,

Mary xx


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